Workshops in Global Active Stretching

General Description:
Global Active Stretching is a stretching method designed to restore elasticity and flexibility based on the elongation of all neuromuscular coordination chains. The stretching exercises in this class involve the whole body and require the musician's active participation. Sessions will help musicians improve their flexibility and learn stretches that they can continue to use in the future to help maintain musculoskeletal health. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat if you have one.

Who can attend:
All musicians (university students and community members)

Every Tuesday between November 4-26 (four sessions total), 4:00pm-5:00pm

University of Ottawa School of Music, Room 208

of instruction:

For all participants: $40 for all four sessions ($10 per session). To reserve a spot, payments must be made in cash at the Piano Lab (University of Ottawa School of Music, Room 204) by 3PM on November 4th.

To register, send an email to mwc@uottawa.ca

Musicians' Wellness Centre Information Session

Launch of our Centre Activities

Come and learn about this exciting new project!

Who can attend:
University students and members of the community

Wednesday, September 18th 2019. 11:30am-12:30pm

Freiman Hall, School of Music, University of Ottawa


Not Required

    At our launch event, you will learn about the activities and services provided by the centre, including:
  • Upcoming events, such as workshops, courses, masterclasses
  • The new MA degree program focused on Musicians' Wellness
  • The Musicians' Wellness Centre clinic
  • Wellness research and opportunities to get involved

Fall 2019
Group Mindfulness Series
Winter 2020
Restorative Yoga for Musicians and Actors

Fall 2019 Workshops: Pain and Injury Prevention for Musicians

General Description:
Pain, discomfort, and injuries are common among musicians, and the need for specialized training and treatment is on the rise. These courses are taught by health professionals who have special experience in treating musicians. They will provide practical and theoretical knowledge to help musicians prevent and overcome pain. These workshops are designed to equip musicians with knowledge and tools to improve their physical well-being in relation to their instrument. They will introduce musicians to anatomy, mechanisms of injury, and strategies for prevention and treatment of injury through the Alexander Technique, chiropractic care, the Feldenkrais Method, and physiotherapy. The content of these workshops is applicable to a wide variety of musicians and instrumental groups.

Who can attend:
All are welcome: uOttawa students and community members who are not uOttawa students.

For uOttawa students: Register through uOzone for all three sessions to receive 1.5 units.
For community members who are not uOttawa students: Register through the Professional Development Institute for individual sessions.

Language of instruction:

For full-time uOttawa students: Free upon course registration
For part-time uOttawa students: $361.95 for all three workshops
For community members who are not uOttawa students: Visit the Professional Development Institute page

Workshop 1
The Musician’s Body and Repetitive Strain Injuries for Musicians
Workshop 2
Posture and Spine Pain
Workshop 3
The Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais Method for Musicians