Musicians' Wellness Centre
Centre du bien-être des musiciens

Our Mission

The centre aims to educate, conduct research, and provide treatment related to musicians’ wellness. With the widespread presence of physical pain, performance anxiety, hearing loss, and visual problems among musicians, the need for specialized training and treatment is on the rise. We see musicians’ wellness as a multifaceted whole, encompassing a musicians' physical wellness, mental wellness, and auditory and visual wellness. We hope to increase awareness and provide support for musicians of all ages and levels. We serve music students and teachers, professors, professional musicians, amateur musicians, health care professionals, policy makers and managers, and the general public.

Housed inside the University of Ottawa and in clinics throughout Ottawa:


We offer educational programs for musicians aimed at encouraging healthy habits.


We promote advanced research in the area of musicians' wellness.


We provide a variety of physical and mental treatments for musicians.

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Mindfulness, Yoga & Workshops

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