Period Instruments


The Period Instruments Studio provides a unique opportunity for students to experience music firsthand in its historical context. Matters of performance practice and instrument capabilities are explored with the purpose of broaching questions regarding musical authenticity. Open to students and researchers, this exclusive instrument collection has become a great asset to the Piano Lab.The collection includes:

  • Graf pianoforte (6-octave Viennese model built by R. J. Regier)
  • John Morley clavichord (4½-octave model purchase as a kit in UK and put together by Canadian physicist Hugh LeCaine)
  • Lindholm-Söderström clavichord (5½-octave model from 1806 built by A. Lagerquist)
  • Broadwood pianoforte (Six octave original Broadwood pianoforte by “John Broadwood and Sons” Piano Company)­­­­
  • Broadwood pianoforte (built in 1829 by “John Broadwood and Sons” Piano Company donated by Mr. Peter Mansfield)­­­­


Broadwood Pianoforte