Yuanyuan Lu, Manager, Administration Services
Yuanyuan Lu has been working in the Piano Lab as an administrative officer since 2009. Her MA in Piano Pedagogy is an ideal qualification for her current position. Her work involves dealing with every aspect of the day-to-day administration of the Lab as well as a coordination of the Lab’s on-going research activities.
Mikael Swirp, Research Coordinator
Mikael Swirp started working at the Piano Lab in April 2014. He earned a B.Sc. in mechanical engineering in Calgary, and also completed his Licentiate with Trinity College London in piano performance. This combination of music and engineering is well-suited to his role at the Piano Lab. He is responsible for the technical aspects of the operation of the lab, as well as contributing to various aspects of the research activities.
Yixiao Chen, Technician
Yixiao Chen became the technician in the Lab since May 2014. He is currently obtaining Master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Having played Erhu for over 10 years, his unique experiences in music and audio engineering help him with the work. Chen is also involved in the projects.
Teri Slade
Teri Slade has been working at the Piano Lab since arriving in Ottawa in 2015. Teri comes from Newfoundland where she obtained her B.Mus. in Piano and ran a successful studio teaching music, Body Mapping and Argentine tango. Teri helps with many of the research projects at the lab, but has a particular interest in the physical aspect of piano playing and is investigating the use of somatic methods for musicians.
Kelsey Ross
Kelsey Ross is a 1st year graduate student completing a Masters of Arts with thesis in piano pedagogy at the University of Ottawa under Professor Gilles Comeau. She began working in the Piano Lab as an administrative assistant in November 2015. Previously, Kelsey completed a B.Sc. in Psychology at the University of Ottawa. Her primary research interests include how musicianship changes brain and how this understanding may be used to inform future teaching materials.
Dapne Mercado
Dapne Mercado is an international student from Venezuela with a background in Physiotherapy enrolled in a Masters of Sciences in Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. Dapne is deeply interested in understanding musicians’ health needs in order to provide them physiotherapy treatments and preventive approaches that suits their occupation. Under the supervision of Dr. Gilles Comeau and Dr. Donald Russell she is currently investigating the effectiveness of the Global Postural Reeducation Method on musicians with neuromusculoskeletal pain and assessing the results by means of infrared thermography devices.
Nicole Stanson
Nicole Stanson is currently embarking on her first year of a Masters of Arts degree at University of Ottawa, with a thesis in Music Pedagogy. Previously, Nicole studied in in the music performance sector, having completed both an undergraduate and graduate degree in performance on trumpet. She now uses concepts from her experience in performance to fuel her research. Nicole is interested in the conventions of Western Art Music performance, and would like to investigate which practice methods are most compatible with brain function.

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