Piano players achieve their artistic potential by mastering motor, cognitive, auditory and expressive skills. For many, this complex activity can lead to a lack of motivation, frustration with music reading and to pain related to practice. By advancing the study of how piano skills develop, the Piano Pedagogy Research Laboratory is helping to enhance the art, the comfort and the enjoyment of piano playing and performance.

This unique state-of-the-art piano laboratory is probing the fundamentals at the heart of keyboard playing to gain a greater understanding of piano instruction. The Laboratory’s progressive approach is leading the way in multidisciplinary research and innovation. It has brought together researchers from many different institutions and forged unique partnerships with other laboratories and research institutes to study the intricacies involved in how young musicians learn piano.

Like other fields of education practice, piano pedagogy can be informed by a scientific analysis of its foundations and methods. The Piano Pedagogy Research Laboratory is ahead of the curve, creating knowledge that will promote greater effectiveness and a higher retention rate among piano students.